Numerous bus companies around the world serving thousands of travelers each day. For the intention of security and management, transport administers require an intelligent transportation surveillance system which is able to capture high-definition video footage when is especially useful when an emergency occurs on board a vehicle. Transportation solutions are mostly installed in moving vehicles, where is exposed to a variety of climatic conditions, the need to operate in extended temperatures and to support the extremes of shock, vibration and humidity.

With mega pixel IP cameras installed throughout the bus, the enhanced recording of the event will be tagged and stored to the NVR on the bus, then NVR collected and uplinked the large megapixel video images through the Gigabit ports via a wireless connection when the vehicle returns to the depot. Intelligent transportation systems enable users are able to be better informed and make safer and smarter use of transport networks. They also allow transport providers to better track and manage their critical assets.

System Requirement
? Gigabit ports, Non-blocking switching performance will be required to provide High resolution video streaming from mega pixel IP cameras
? Fast wireless transmission is demanded from NVR on the bus to the depot
? No data transmission loss when sustained vibration
? Easy installation of 24VDC power input on bus

What Korenix provides
For high-speed mobile applications, the JetWave 3420V3 series provide high speed wireless which is installed onboard each bus. When the bus is parked in the depot, it will connect with the Gigabit backbone to ensure the high quality of the large megapixel video images on bus is transferred to the depot. Its 802.11ac MIMO technology guarantees high performance and can reach transfer speeds of up to 866 Mbps data rate. JetWave 3420V3 has PoE compliant power inputs for easy installation of 24VDC power input on bus. The enclosure of IP67 waterproofing with -35~70°C wide operational temperature design allows users to install the devices under the rough climate conditions.

Why Korenix JetWave 3420 V3
? Supports the next generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) 2x2 DL MIMO technology
? 150M Downlink and 50M Uplink speed.
? The embedded LTE module also backward compatible with 4G LTE connection which enables remote and mobile control to the LAN and WIFI interfaces

Why Korenix JetNet 3906G
? Full gigabit for mega pixel IP cameras
? 4 high power PoE ports, max 30W per port, 120W in total
? 12~36VDC power input for bus powering system
? Wide operating temperature -40~75oC
? Compact and rugged to fit in small spaces

JetWave 3420 V3 工業級 LTE+ 802.11n WIFI 無線 IP 網關

JetNet 3906G 工業級6端口千兆 IEEE802.3af/at 交換機

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