Track Side Surveillance

High Reliability Surveillance system for Airport Transit System in United Kingdom

Korenix Subway PIS System

Surveillance is an indispensable infrastructure nowadays which secures our environment, offers services and prevents terrorism in the airport. To fulfill the high quality and high-speed video traffic requirements for airport security staff in UK Heathrow airport, Korenix has implemented its reliable networking switch for building a secure network deployment.

To provide a surveillance solution from waysides to the airport central room, the JetNet 5010G Gigabit Managed Ethernet switches and JetNet 4706 series switch are being used. About 30 JetNet 5010G collect recorded video data through fast Ethernet ports from various encoders located in the control rooms. Also, live-stream videos are collected from the JetNet 4706 series located on waysides in the field. The 6-port PoE switch supplies power to IP cameras installed inside the Ultra cars and on the waysides where power is hard to arrive. System integrators also benefit from the intelligent design of PoE switch to deliver up to 25W high power to high-end demanded outdoor IP cameras, PTZ cameras, etc.

The 3 gigabit combo ports of JetNet 5010G allow the data transmission through fiber connections. In addition to using the MSR network redundancy technology, the gigabit switches ensure the great reliability and the high quality of the large bandwidth data transmission to the monitoring room with the uplink gigabit connection.  Also, the LLDP and the Korenix NMS help users to automatically discover the Korenix networking devices and topology in just a few seconds and remote manage them from the control room.
Equipped with rugged IP31-grade aluminum enclosure and wide operating temperature, the combination of JetNet 5010G and JetNet 4706 is suitable and cost effective solution to provide real-time and high-quality surveillance and monitoring to airport administration under unfavorable environmental conditions.


Korenix Track Side Sruveillance

Why Korenix JetNet 5010G
  • 7+ 3 Giga SFP combo ports for flexible applications with reduced costs 

  • Korenix patented MSR, with fiber/ copper Fast Ethernet and Gigabit rings and 5ms recovery time provide reliable and high-performance connectivity

  • LLDP and Korenix NMS provide auto topology visualization and efficient network management

    Why Korenix JetNet 4706

  • Four 10/100 TX Power over Ethernet ports and two redundant 10/100 TX uplink ports

  • DC 48V Power Input for IEEE 802.3af 48V output

  • Up to 25W per port for High Power solution by Forced powering mode

  • Up to 80W for total power budget

JetNet 5010G/5010G-w工業級7+3G 千兆網管型交換機

JetNet 4706工業級6端口網管型高功率交換機

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